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You’d Never Know This Blueberry Breakfast Was Filled With Bran

There’s nothing better than finding out a delicious treat you are enjoying is healthy for you too.  What’s also great about this recipe, is the unusual combination of flavors that make for a hearty start to your day! This recipe yields about 16 muffins and is ready in
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Healthy Chicken Meatballs Doused in Hearty Tomato Sauce

Because this dish is made with ground chicken, it is twice as healthy for you as the traditional plate of meatballs.  Add a tomato sauce with vibrant and nutritious ingredients, and you have a truly delicious dish. This recipe serves 4-6 people and is ready under 40 minutes
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This Healthy Hearty Chili is Both Filling and Delicious!

A recipe that you can just set and forget, this slow cooker chicken chili is makes for the perfect healthy meal.  Top with a dollop of velvety sour cream, and you ahve yourself a meal! This recipe serves up to 8 people and is ready in about 3 hours, after cooking on low
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