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Never Turn To Another Pasta Soup Again!

Normally with soups, you have to eat them alongside something else, but this soup is so filling, it is a meal in and of itself. However, if you’d like to pair a grilled cheese sandwich with it, we won’t hold it against you. This recipe serves 4-6 people and is ready
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This is One Interesting Way to Eat Your Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a breakfast delicacy that can get a little messy.  Drizzled in rich Hollandaise, with soft poached eggs, it’s a mouth watering breakfast.  Now put it in a casserole.  POW! This recipe serves about 8 people and is ready in about a half of an hour.  Serve
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How To Survive Your First Attempt At Making Deep Dish Pizza

No one in their right mind would ever say no to pizza.  Now throw that into a deep baked, flaky crust, and we’re practically zombies for the plate. You might think it’s to hard to make deep dish at home, but honey, it’s easy peasy! This recipe makes about 12
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Side Dishes


Bailey’s, Guinness and Whisky Chocolate Cupcakes WHOA!!!

Add some pizzazz to your life with these Bailey's Whisky Cupcakes!
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Super Easy And Delicious Blooming Apple Recipe

Your smile can't get any brighter when you set your sights on this Blooming Apple dessert.
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